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Talking to Your Student About Campus Safety

The safety and protection of every member of the Providence College community is a major priority for all of us. Parents and the College can work together to help students become more aware of important issues as they relate to security measures, both on and off-campus. Please consider taking some time to discuss these issues with your student. Some of the strategies listed below can help you to generate a healthy dialogue that will communicate your concern as well as your expectations.

Urge your student to be aware of his/her surroundings. Providence is located in an urban environment and no city is immune to crime. Students need to be alert to where they are, the time of day, and the area surrounding the College. Walking or running in dark areas, and alone, can increase their vulnerability to crime.

Encourage your student to pay attention to crime alerts. These alerts are sent via e-mail to all members of the College community whenever a serious crime occurs, either on or off- campus. Students need to be especially mindful of repeated crime patterns, common locations, and the time of day in which the crime occurred. Nationally, most statistics show that certain crimes occur in the same areas, within a similar timeframe.

Remind your student not to venture out alone off-campus at night in un-lit areas. Students should think about having a plan of how they are getting from one place to another, before they leave their original location. For example, confirming plans with a friend, who can be on the “look-out” for him/her.

Discuss with your student how alcohol/drug use can compromise an individual’s ability to make good judgments. It is important that students be in control of themselves at all times. Not only should they be aware of their own safety, but they should also deter their friends from entering into dangerous situations.

Urge your student to minimize the use of a cell phone while walking off-campus. Cell phone theft is one of the fastest growing property crimes. Thieves target victims for the value of their phones and students can be easily distracted while conversing or texting.

Encourage your student to take advantage of the Neighborhood Shuttle. This service is designed to help students to travel to and from campus and the neighborhood surrounding the College. Information about the shuttle service route and times, as well as additional transportation services, can be found by calling 865.2940. This automated transportation line is available 24 hours a day.

Remind your student that the Student Safety Escort Service is available on campus. Student safety escort stations are located in designated areas in the residence halls, the library, and the Slavin Center. Also, students may call the Department of Public Safety at 865.2391 to request additional transportation support throughout the campus.

Talk to your student about what measures he/she can take to help keep residence halls safe. Students should be reminded to lock their doors, not to prop building doors open, and to report any suspicious activity to the Office of Public Safety, or to their RA/Hall Director immediately.

Encourage your student to attend a “Street Smart” presentation in his/her residence hall to learn more about safety and security tips. A listing of workshop times and locations will be made available to students during the semester.

  • To report a crime on campus, students should call the Office of Public Safety emergency line immediately at 865.2222. Emergency telephones are located throughout the campus-and calls are immediately connected to the Office of Public Safety. Students should take notice of the emergency phone locations when walking on campus.
  • To report a crime off-campus, students should call 911 immediately. This will ensure the safest and most efficient response.

More information is available at The Office of Public Safety.