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Parents as Partners | Talk, They Listen!

We consider parents and families to be our partners in helping to encourage, celebrate, and support our students through the transformative college experience.

Working together, we are better able to encourage curiosity and new experiences inside and outside the classroom, celebrate moments of success, provide support as our students encounter difficulty, and challenge behaviors that are in conflict with who they are called to be.

As our partner, we ask that you encourage your student to take the lead in creating their collegiate experience; to make decisions that allow them to flourish – decisions that create consistency between what they believe and know they should do, and what they actually do. We ask you to support them in stepping outside of their comfort zone to engage in experiences and seek interactions they have not had before. Encourage your student to be contemplative and reflective, to identify and set goals for the college experience, and to live intentionally toward the achievement of those goals. Know that while they are with us, we will do the same. 

But also know that we don’t expect students to arrive on campus the first day of their first year completely independent and ready to tackle every obstacle that appears in their path. The journey to independence is just that – a journey. A process of maturation and learning. Of making mistakes and growing from them. College is a transformational experience, but it doesn’t happen overnight. So, if you suspect that your student is struggling, encourage them to get help. This listing of resources is a good place to start, and many families also find our Parent & Family FAQ page helpful. And if that doesn’t seem to be working, don’t hesitate to call us.

Supporting Difficult Conversations

The transition from high school to college is both exhilarating and stressful for students and families. This transition time provides parents with an ideal time to talk about hopes and fears for the college years. To think about goals, voice concerns, and discuss strategies for dealing with the stress and challenges that often accompany the excitement of the college years.

Parents and families are often the first phone call when students encounter challenges and difficulties. Sometimes they just need a listening ear. Sometimes you’ll want to offer more. Encourage your students to share their experiences with you – maintain an open line of communication with your student and re-assure them that you’ll provide judgement-free support. Ask questions and listen for things that indicate your student is having a hard time. Below are resources to support your family in having proactive conversations with students about the college experience, as well as information about how to support your student when they’re struggling.